During the YEP Programme, Young Experts receive guidance from three professionals: a supervisor, a mentor, and a coach. They are appointed to ensure the Young Experts have multiple channels of communication regarding work related or personal issues.

The Young Expert holds the main responsibility to plan meetings and proactively ask for feedback and advice with their supervisor, mentor and coach. In their turn, the supervisor, mentor and coach are expected to make time for the Young Expert and to ensure that these meetings take place. 


Provides day-to-day supervision and guidance to the Young Expert

Meeting frequency: daily/weekly

The supervisor is the manager or senior colleague from the local partner organisation, who will mainly guide and supervise the Young Expert. The supervisor provides regular feedback on work-related issues and the progress that is made. Also, the annual performance review of the Young Expert is a responsibility of the supervisor.

To discuss with the Young Expert

  • Daily work activities, targets and results of the Young Expert
  • Functioning and progress of the Young Expert
  • How the work aligns with the Personal Development Plan (PDP) of the Young Expert
  • Training on the job and feedback


Tasks for a supervisor

  • Support the Young Expert in achieving the PDP goals
  • Support the Young Expert with work-related issues
  • Hold progress/performance meetings and report on this
  • Liaise with the mentor about the Young Expert regularly and alert mentor about (potential) emergencies
  • Ensure that the Young Expert has time for YEP related activities for 8 hours per month to spend on YEP assignments, training and coaching


Forms the link between the organisation, supervisor, Young Expert, and YEP Programme Bureau and bears main responsibility for the Young Expert’s secondment

Meeting frequency: at least every 6-8 weeks

The mentor is appointed by the organisation of employment. Usually, the mentor works from within the Netherlands. The mentor works independently from the supervisor and will not review the Young Expert on his/her work, but is knowledgeable in the field of work and knows all about the organisation. The mentor is available for at least two full days a year for the kick-off and kick-out of the training, as well as the mentor day.

To discuss with the Young Expert

  • Knowledge of the organisation (strategy, vision, method)
  • The mentor’s experience and expertise within the sector
  • Career opportunities of the Young Expert
  • Networking skills and network development
  • Content of work, work experience, and competencies
  • Relevant PDP goals in which the mentor can play a role
  • The relation between the Young Expert and their supervisor 

Tasks for a mentor

  • Help and activate the network of the Young Expert locally and in the Netherlands within and outside the organisation
  • Arrange Young Expert’s administration (contract and finance) for the YEP Programme Bureau every year
  • Arrange the introductory programme in the Netherlands
  • Liaise with the supervisor about the Young Expert regularly and alert YEP Programme Bureau to (potential) emergencies
  • Advise supervisor and the Young Expert on performance interview and its inclusion in the yearly progress report sent to het YEP Programme Bureau
Watch the Global Mentoring Video on how to mentor your Young Expert effectively.


Offers guidance, reflection and feedback on professional and personal issues related to personal development

Meeting frequency: every 6-8 weeks

The YEP Programme Bureau appoints a coach to each Young Expert, who will focus on the personal development of the Young Expert. He/she helps develop the learning objectives and is available for any personal matters as well. The coach acts independently from the organisation of employment, and has no direct interest regarding the work of the Young Expert. What is discussed during coach meetings stays confidential.

To discuss with the Young Expert

  • The Young Expert’s Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  • Next steps for personal development
  • Professional skill and competence development
  • Intercultural challenges the Young Expert faces
  • Issues that may arise during the secondment
  • Any personal questions

Tasks for a coach

  • Offer guidelines for personal retrospection and personal development
  • Share any relevant resources and tools for personal development with the Young Experts
  • Give feedback on Personal Development Plan
  • Stimulate the Young Expert to actively shape their own learning trajectory
  • Alert YEP Programme Bureau to (potential) emergencies, but only with consent of Young Expert