Project submission

Next deadline for submitting project proposals: 12 September 2021

Please note, in case you are submitting a project proposal for Kenya or Ethiopia, your project should comply with the Multi-Annual Country Strategy of the country. For more information, please visit the Countries page.


Step 1
Check criteria and write a proposal
New organisations: please contact the YEP programme bureau before submitting a project proposal, we would like to meet you (in person, or by mail/telephone/Skype/etc.) in advance!

If you have passed the self test and the position is in compliance with the basic YEP criteria, draft your project proposal using the most recent YEP Application template and budget template. More information can be found in the Guidelines for organisations (see Downloads in the right column).

Step 2
Decide selection method for Young Experts
Please note: for preferred candidates, your organisation must conduct the selection process. Local Young Experts are always preferred candidates.

There are two ways to submit a project proposal: without a candidate (Dutch Young Experts only), or with a preferred candidate (both Dutch and local Young Experts). For a project that employs a local Young Expert, the proposal should always include a preferred candidate. For a project that employs a Dutch Young Expert, this is optional. When you submit a project proposal without a candidate, the Programme Bureau will provide you with a selection of Dutch candidates through their own selection process.

Step 3
Submit proposal

Your final proposal can be sent to Proposals can be submitted throughout the year, however the assessment and rating of the proposals occurs three times a year. When submitting, please make sure that you have attached all of the necessary documents to the proposal to prevent any delay of your application. After submitting your proposal, you will receive a confirmation of receipt within 48 hours. In case you don't receive a confirmation of receipt, please contact the YEP Programme Bureau

When submitting, make sure that you have attached all of the necessary documents to the proposal to prevent any delay of your application.

  • Valid Chamber of Commerce excerpt (NB: signature on this document should coincide with the signature on the application form) 
  • Budget / specification of costs according to model budget 
  • Statement of agreement from receiving local counterpart 
  • Curriculum Vitae and motivation letter preferred candidate (if applicable) 
  • Professional photo of the preferred candidate (if applicable) 
  • Copy ID Local Young Expert (if applicable)
  • Completed and signed de-minimis statement (only applicable to companies that apply for a Local Young Expert position) 
  • Completed organisation check form 
Step 4
1st check by YEP Programme Bureau: complete proposal and in compliance with criteria

The YEP Programme Bureau will check whether the proposal is complete and meets the basic requirements set by YEP. The Programme Bureau will give feedback to the organisation within 10 calender days after the deadline for project proposals. Applicants are granted 7 calendar days to supplement incomplete project proposals. Please note that incomplete proposals that are not supplemented in time are not processed further.

Step 5
2nd check by YEP Programme Bureau: qualitative assessment of proposal

You will receive a notification when your proposal is in compliance with all of the criteria and requirements. Three times a year, after the deadline for submitting proposals, the YEP Programme Bureau uses five qualitative assessment criteria to assess the proposals. These criteria can be found in the guidelines for organisations (see Downloads in right columm).

Step 6
Proposal approved? Next steps

When your proposal is approved, contracts will be drafted and signed with the YEP Programme Bureau. Hereafter, either:

1. In case of a vacant position (Dutch Young Expert positions): matchmaking will take place between the organisation and potential Young Experts by the YEP Programme Bureau. The organisation will ultimately make the decision for the candidate. Click here for more information on the selection process of the YEP Programme Bureau.

2. In case of a preferred candidate (Dutch and local Young Expert positions): the Programme Bureau will (Skype)-interview the submitted preferred local and Dutch candidates to approve them into YEP Programmes. The Programme Bureau must give their approval for the candidate in order to officially approve them as Young Experts.  

The training weeks for all of the Young Experts will commence approximately 3-4 months after the set deadline for applications.

Step 7
Finalising submission process

Upon making the decision for a Young Expert or after the approval of the preferred local or Dutch candidate, the organisation is responsible for the contract between the Young Expert and themselves. Additionally, a contract between YEP and the organisation will be signed. After finalising the contracts, the Programme Bureau will transfer 95% of the yearly funding. In case of a 2 year contract, 95% of the funding of the second year will be transferred at the start of the second year. Upon completion of the YEP project (after 1 or 2 years), the remaining 5% will be transferred.