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From 2023, we would like to receive all project proposals online: 

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Please note that all required documents should be uploaded before the upcoming deadline: 22 October.

In case you would like to apply for more than one YEP position, please submit a separate application for each YEP position. You can submit your new project proposal at any time. However, the YEP Programme Bureau collects all new submissions after the above mentioned deadline, and we will get back to you then.

Please note that each batch is limited to a maximum number of YEP positions (divided over the YEP divisions Water/Agrofood/Energy). The project proposals received per batch ofter exceed the number of available positions. All proposals will be assessed, the proposals with the highest scores will be granted access to the new batch first. For review criteria, please check the document Guidelines Organisations, paragraph 8.4 on page 24, and article 7P on page 10 of the 'subsidiebeschikking' (in Dutch only).

For questions about the proposal procedure contact [email protected].
For more information about criteria and conditions, financial support, responsibilities and YEP positions, please read the document Guidelines for organisations.


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