The Young Expert Programmes are established to ensure the continued availability of Young Experts and their expertise for the Dutch Water, Agrofood en renewable Energy sectors within International Development in the future: invest in the development of human capital! To achieve this, Dutch organisations (companies, knowledge institutions and NGOs) can submit a proposal for an international development aid and trade project for the deployment of a Young Expert.

Organisations can employ either a Dutch or a national Young Expert. Dutch Young Experts can be placed in one of the countries that are eligible, whereas the national Young Experts can only be placed in the country of which they have the nationality, that is the list of eligible countries. Young Experts are placed on projects that are related to the Water, Agrofood and/or renewable Energy themes and that contribute to the goals the Dutch government has set with regard to development cooperation. The deployment of Young Experts is jointly financed by the organisation and the subsidy of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The financial support for the deployment of a Dutch Young Expert is maximised at €40,000 per year and 50% of the total costs of the placement of the Young Expert. The financial support for the deployment of a national Young Expert is maximised at €12,000 per year and 50% of the total cost of the placement. A detailed specification of the division of costs can be found here. Both the organisation and YEP Programmes invest in the training and coaching of the Young Experts. By doing so, the Young Experts get the opportunity to work in an international environment, and the organisations can make use of their expertise. The project application may contain a preferred candidate (Dutch or national) or can be a vacant position (Dutch only) in which case the YEP Programme Bureau facilitates the initial selection process. Both the organisation as well as the project proposal has to meet a list of requirements.

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Find detailed guidelines for participation to the YEP Programme in the Guidelines for organisations

We expect from all our participants and participating organisations that they also welcome diversity and strive to create an inclusive environment within YEP Programmes.