Dec 15, 2022

René leaves YEP team and starts YEP journey!

We are happy to announce that René van der Velden, project officer at the YEP Programma Bureau, will start his YEP journey as a Young Expert at BioMassters in Rwanda! The last 3 years, René was a project officer for YEP Energy, and helped grow the energy portfolio of YEP Programmes, together with our partner RVO. In addition, René has coordinated the YEP Online Courses, supported in the (online and offline) training programme, and supported the YEP team in general. We will definitely miss him! 

René becomes a Young Expert for YEP Energy in batch 28, starting with the training programme in February 2023. In Rwanda, René will work as Engineering Manager, he will contribute to the clean cooking objectives as part of SDG7.

We thank René for everything, and wish him the best of luck in Rwanda!

At this moment, we are looking for a new colleague at the YEP Team. Meanwhile, please contact [email protected] for any questions.