Below are the most frequently asked questions, and the answers. If your question is not listed here, or if you want to receive further information that is not listed on the site, you are always welcome to contact us.

Potential Young Experts

Can a local candidate apply to YEP directly?

No, local (non-Dutch) Young Experts are recruited by the organisation submitting the project proposal or their local counterpart. Local candidate Young Experts should therefore approach Dutch organisations to employ you, or be approached by a Dutch organisation. A list of Dutch organisations is available at the Dutch embassy in your country, or take a look at the Young Experts in your country and check the organisations they work for. The selection process of Young Experts can be found here.

Once I successfully complete the recruitment and selection process as a Dutch Young Expert, will I automatically receive a placement?

You will not automatically receive a placement, since this depends on the available projects. Following recruitment and selection, the YEP programme bureau will propose a few suitable candidates to the Dutch employers. It is possible that your profile does not match any of the available positions. If this is the case, your profile will be registered in a pool of candidates. Candidates in this pool are notified when new YEP positions become available. 

Will YEP be my employer when I become a Young Expert?

No, you will be employed by the Dutch submitting organisation or the local counterpart, and will therefore be covered by the terms of employment of this organisation. A special placement agreement will be added to your contract for the purpose of this placement.

Is it possible to obtain a position before I have graduated?

No, unfortunately the criteria are fixed: you must have a diploma in a relevant university study (MSc/BSc/MA/BA) or relevant higher professional education study (Dutch HBO or equivalent) before you can start in a YEP position. A full list of the criteria can be found in the document Guidelines Young Experts.

Where can I find the vacancies?

The vacancies are posted online three times a year. During this time it is possible to apply for any of the vacancies, or submit an open application. The page ‘Application’ where you can find the vacancies will only be available during these periods. You can find an overview of relevant dates here.

Can I send in an open application?

It is possible to submit an open application three times a year, whenever new vacancies are posted online. During this period you can submit your application here. Outside this period you cannot submit an open application. This only applies for potential Dutch Young Experts, local Young Experts are recruited by the Dutch organisation or their local counterpart. More information about the selection process can be found here.

I do not have specific water, agrofood or renewable energy background, is it still worthwhile applying?

Yes, it certainly is! There are different types of projects, so we certainly do not only need technical Young Experts. However, you must be strongly motivated in your wish to participate, as the type of placements vary per round. Whether you will be able to find a position depends on the type of projects that are available.


I want to make a request for placement of a Dutch Young Expert. What should I do now?

All steps are described in the project submission page. A full page with the necessary forms on making a request and further information can be found here, which includes all of the relevant documents necessary before submitting a proposal.

Does the candidate need to be Dutch?

Not necessarily, as there are two possibilities to employ a Young Expert. Organisations can employ either a Dutch Young Expert, or a local Young Expert. The Dutch Young Expert must always have the Dutch nationality, and they are expected to be fluent in both English and Dutch. The Dutch Young Expert can be stationed in any of the countries that are eligible from grants from the Dutch Good Growth Fund.

It is also possible to employ a local Young Expert. This Young Expert should always have the nationality of the country where the project is based (e.g. a Kenyan national in Kenya and a Colombian national in Colombia). The same list of eligible countries applies. All of the Young Experts must be fluent in English. More information on the criteria can be found in the guidelines.

Can I apply for a Young Expert position in a project financed by the Dutch government (e.g. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RVO)?

It is important that the organisation's contribution to the Young Expert position is not funded by the Dutch government: this must be arranged by the organisation or the local counterpart organisation. It is possible that the project itself is financed by the Dutch government, as long as the YEP position is funded by other means.

Must the applicant organisation necessarily be a Dutch organisation?

Yes, the applicant organisation must be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel).

Should I arrange a training and introduction programme for the local Young Expert?

Yes, the organisations have a great responsibility when it comes to the training of the local Young Experts. After the kick off, the local Young Experts follow their own introduction programme at their Dutch employer (on Tuesday and Wednesday), arranged by their Dutch employer. On Friday all local Young Experts meet at the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) in the Hague for an introduction by NWP and a personal development workshop.

Note: During COVID times the trainings will take place online and there will be no time added for an introduction programme. We urge the organisations to organise an (online) introduction for the Young Expert outside of the training.

Will the local and Dutch Young Experts work together?

Yes, during the training weeks the Young Experts follow trainings together in their batch. A batch consists of both Dutch and local Young Experts.

Besides this, the YEP programme aims to have both local and Dutch Young Experts working together on the same project within organisations, if that is possible.

Must Dutch submitting organisations pay VAT on the YEP contribution?

No, an exemption is made for subsidies: VAT does not apply to the YEP contribution.

For local Young Experts working for a company, why does the application organisation have to fill in a de-minimis declaration?

The subsidy for the Young Expert is a de-minimis subsidy, there is a maximum amount of money a company can receive in (de-minimis) subsidies. The YEP-bureau is obliged to ask whether the organization does not exceed this amount. This way, we can be sure YEP does not contribute to unfair trade relations between EU-member states. It is however the responsibility of the organisation that they do not exceed the limit of the de-minimis support.

The de-minimis declaration can be found here.