Young Experts


There are three application rounds for potential Dutch Young Experts every year. These rounds are only open for Dutch Young Experts, national Young Experts are selected through the selection process of the specific companies.

The date of publication of new YEP positions will follow as soon as possible. New project positions will be published on this page, with a link to the application form. A full overview of the application periods and training dates for the entire year can be found here. Please note that if you apply in a round, you are required to attend the training, should you be selected for a YEP position. Therefore, remember to only apply if you are able to attend the corresponding training weeks.

After the selection process, you might be suggested to companies for a specific project. Otherwise, you will be added to the pool of potential candidates, which means you have passed the selection process and you might be suggested for future YEP positions. 

Young Experts