YEP Team

Programme Bureau

YEP is implemented by a the YEP Programme Bureau. The YEP Programme Bureau coordinates the implementation of the programme and manages the funds. The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) acts as the Programme Bureau's lead agency. 

Marjon Reiziger
Programme Manager
Tel: +31 (0)6 4608 1292
Vincent Cornelissen
Project Manager YEP Water
Tel: +31 (0)70 304 3716
Jocelyne Commandeur
Project Manager YEP Agrofood
Tel: +31 (0)70 304 3770
Edu Willemse
Project Manager YEP Energy
Tel: +31 (0)70 304 3770
Liesbeth Vranken
Tel: +31 (0)70 304 3714
Ati van der Honing
Training Coordinator
Tel: +31 (0)70 304 3757
René van der Velden
Project Officer
Tel: +31 (0)70 304 3742
Lonneke van Klei
Project Officer
Tel: +31 (0)70 304 3704
António Gómes
Tel: +31 (0)70 304 3728
Hélène Sapulete
Project Support Officer
Tel: +31 (0)70 304 3770
Liselotte Wisman

The Programme Bureau's main duties are:

  1. the management of the programme
  2. informing, selecting and checking seconding organisations and allocation of funds
  3. the development and implementation of a training and coaching plan for Young Experts,
  4. the YEP alumni network, and
  5. the recruitment and selection of the Young Experts.

Public Private Partnerships

YEP Programmes consists of YEP Water, YEP Agrofood and YEP Energy. These are Public Private Partnerships (PPP) involving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs departments – the Inclusive Green Growth Department (IGG) and Personnel and Organisation Department (HDPO). Additionally, for YEP Water this PPP includes the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), for YEP Agrofood the Food & Business Knowledge Platform, and for YEP Energy the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

Parties in the Dutch water, agrofood and renewable energy sector

YEP meets the water, agrofood and energy sectors' need for Young Experts who have acquired international experience. The seconding organisations not only invest in young talent that can be deployed within their organisation, but also assist in the development of a network for the future , the creation of a pool of talented professionals and, ultimately, increase the sustainability of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ approach to selected development cooperation and the number of opportunities available for cooperation. The water, agrofood and energy sectors and the government make joint investments in the training of Young Experts.

The parties in the Dutch water, agrofood and energy sectors which take part in the programme (the organisations) assist YEP by making their expertise available for courses and providing facilities for training and on-site visits.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee supervises the YEP Programme Bureau. The Steering Committee is comprised of five members:

  • An independent chair: Mr J. Oomen, Consultant
  • A representative on behalf of the water sector: Ms M. Kreijns, Director of The Green Village at TU Delft
  • A representative on behalf of the agro & food sector: Mr W. van Vliet, Director of Larive International
  • A representative on behalf of the renewable energy sector: Ms. C. Gribnau, Programme Director Green Society at Hivos
  • A representative on behalf of young professionals: Ms A. van der Woude, Programme Manager at the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries at NL Enterprise Agency, alumna Young Expert

The Steering Committee supervises the allocation of grants in accordance with the partnership’s regulations. The Steering Committee supervises the Programme Bureau's performance of its duties and issues recommendations on the efficient and effective implementation of the programme.