Long term collaboration to invest in Young Experts

Young Experts Programmes (YEP) and WaterWorX Programme sign a partnership agreement to extend the existing cooperation during YEP Phase II, which lasts until April 2025. This collaboration between the programmes also aims to increase the exchange between the YEP programmes (Water, Agrofood and Energy) and Young Experts (YEPpers) in the YEP Tailored-made Training Programme, as well as to increase the number of Tailor-made Young Experts.

WaterWorX is a utility partnership programme funded and implemented by a consortium of the 10 Dutch Water Utilities and the Dutch Ministry for Development Cooperation. Under this Programme, Dutch water supply companies set up Water Operational Partnerships (WOPs) with water utilities in Africa, Asia and Latin-America with the objective to increase access to sustainable water services for 10 million people between 2017-2030.

Programme Coordinator at WaterWorX, Anke Verheij, and Programme Manager at YEP Programmes, Vincent Cornelissen, officially extended the collaboration between the two programmes on 4 April. With this new agreement, WaterWorX, recognises that YEPpers are potential agents of change in shaping utilities of the future. YEP communities are breeding sites for out of the box thinking and so provide valuable input in WOPs.

The agreed collaboration will focus on:

  • developing WaterWorX Tailor-made YEP batches further. Each batch consisting of 15 to 30 Young Experts;
  • evaluating each YEP training to finetune their programme and identify opportunities for Tailor-made Young Experts to develop their YEP network; and,
  • developing a YEP training trajectory that partly takes place in the Netherlands, partly in a WaterWorX project country and partly online.

Previous collaboration

During WaterWorX Phase 1, 43 local Young Experts joined a tailor-made Young Expert Programme organised by NWP. They participated in training sessions, joined online courses and received coaching for two years. In addition, most of these Young Experts were employed by, and continue their career in, the WOP partner utilities.

Online Meet up for New Organisations

Join us on the 5th of April for an online meet up and find out if the Young Expert Programme (YEP) is the right fit for your organisation.

When: Tuesday April 5th 

From: 13:00 – 14:00 CET (Amsterdam)

Where: Online, the link will be sent to those participating. 

During this meeting we will present YEP Programmes -consisting of YEP Water, YEP Agrofood, YEP Energy and YEP Tailor-made- and guide you through YEP's project submission process. After this call it should be clear if your organisation and project is eligible and what the next steps are. The next deadline for submitting a proposal is the May 15th. 

Please register here in advance. 

We are looking forward to meeting you on the 5th of April. 

Kind regards,

The YEP Programmebureau 


YEP Effect number 8 is out!

In YEP Effect 8, the MENA region plays a central role.

It features interviews with Young Experts working in this region and the strategy the YEP Programme Bureau has for this region. It features interviews with Young Experts from Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and the Palestinian Territories. They talk about their experience and projects. You will find a partner talking about YEP and the STARS programme and a goodbye from former Programme Manager Marjon Reiziger. And of course, you will also find updated facts and figures and YEP's contribution to the SDGs. 

Download YEP Effect here.

Food&Business Knowledge Platform --> Netherlands Food Partnership

The Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP), our partner for YEP Agrofood, will be transformed into the new Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP) in 2020.

In 2020, our partner for YEP Agrofood, the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) transformed into the new Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP). Therefore, the Netherlands Food Partnership is now the new YEP partner for YEP Agrofood. The Netherlands Food Partnership will build on the knowledge and experience of F&BKP, and will implement the required changes to realise the ambitions of the NFP. 
Netherlands Food Partnership enables powerful collaboration with international partners to achieve urgent changes that contribute to sustainable food systems and nutrition security and reach SDG2. It accelerates transformative coalitions by facilitating relevant support, and creating experimental space to prototype new approaches and solutions.
For more information about the Netherlands Food Partnership, please visit their website -

YEP Effect: number 7!

We are proud to present the 7th edition of YEP Effect! 

This YEP Effect 7 features interviews with Young Experts, partners and alumni from Vietnam, Canada, Nepal, Zambia, Kenya and the Netherlands. They talk about their projects, innovation and contribution to the SDGs. You will also find a duo interview on how YEP Tailormade originated, about remote learning and you will experience a slightly different design. Emma Vos, alumni Young Expert and photographer on the side, made available her beautiful pictures she made during her period in Africa. And of course, you will also find updates about facts and figures and YEP’s contribution to the SDGs.

Download YEP Effect here.


New edition of YEP Effect: no. 6!

We are proud to present the 6th edition of YEP Effect!

In this magazine, we reflect on the impact of COVID-19 on YEP Programmes. However, despite this pandemic, YEP batch 20 and YEP Tailor-made batch WaterWorX II kicked off online, and all YEP trainings will continue online as well. Almost all Young Experts are working from home, and the majority of the Dutch Young Experts returned to the Netherlands.

This YEP Effect 6 also features interviews with the first-ever YEP Energy Duo, and all members of the YEP Steering Committee! Furthermore, three new YEP coaches are introduced, all of whom are YEP alumni. And of course, you will also find updates about facts and figures and YEP’s contribution to the SDGs. Download YEP Effect here


Introduction video YEP

YEP in a nutshell: the new introduction video about YEP Programmes is now online.

In case YEP Programmes needs any introduction, we have released this new video! YEP alumni Philani Cebani and Lissy van Noort share their experencies in joining YEP as a Young Expert. In addition, Aidenvironment's Maarten Onneweer, one of our YEP employers, explains the benefits for organisations when employing a Young Expert.

Check our planning to see when you can also join the YEP Global Network! 

YEP Alumnus Niels joins the Dutch House of Representatives!

YEP alumnus Niels van der Berge has been installed as a member of the Dutch House of Representatives!

June 5th, Niels van den Berge has officially become a member of the Dutch House of Representatives! His ambition is to work on "a fair futureproof society in which education and innovation are crucial to cope with challenges like climate change". 

Niels was a Young Expert in batch 2, working for Max Foundation in Bangladesh. Furthermore, Niels has been active as a YEP trainer in the workshop Storytelling, and is an active member of the YEP Alumni Board.