Investing in Human Capital and job opportunities globally, since 2013

“Investments in young people are one of the most sustainable investments you can make, because you can ‘harvest’ this for a long time”. 

Young Expert Programmes’s (YEP Programmes) mission is to create a young, renewed, inspiring international network and build professional expertise in the fields of Water, Agrofood and renewable Energy through Dutch organisations, operating in developing countries and emerging markets. Together we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We offer Dutch young professionals, as well as young professionals from developing countries and emerging markets the opportunity to kickstart their careers in an international environment and to work on their personal development for a period of 1 or 2 years. 

The Young Experts are supported by YEP Programmes with training and coaching sessions and gain access to the YEP Global Network where they can exchange knowledge, experiences and opportunities with other (alumni) Young Experts. 

YEP Programmes is investing in the development of human capital. The Programmes are established to ensure the continued availability of Young Experts and their expertise for the Dutch Water, Agrofood and renewable Energy sectors within (the context of) International Development.

To achieve this, Dutch organisations (companies, knowledge institutions and NGOs) can submit a proposal for an international development aid and trade project for the deployment of a Young Expert in one of the more than 70 YEP-countries.

YEP Programmes gives both national and Dutch Young Experts the opportunity to further develop themselves into managing positions. In the long term, this creates a ripple effect of the creation of more local job opportunities and more intensive long-term collaboration with Dutch organisations.

To ensure expertise and professionalism in international cooperation for the long run, investing in young international talent is of great importance. Our contributions:

  • Start a career through training and coaching
  • Build an international network
  • Work for one of the various parties linked to our Programme (inter alia knowledge institutions, NGOs, business)
  • Create (job) opportunities in countries with a ripple effect (alumni Young Experts hiring new Young Experts)

YEP Programmes believes and invests in creating local opportunities and empowering Young Experts all over the world to create a better and more sustainable world. It gives Young Experts the tools to develop, grow and become leaders in their own countries and inspire their environment to create a more sustainable future.